ichiban boshi pavilion

May 30, 2008

crispy lobster salad roll,i like it.


do more exercise.

May 30, 2008

This sem is so free, I have eaten a lot in the first week of school..beside eat n movie, we also go for gym when free.


May 30, 2008

Have you felt like you wanted very much to do something but just can’t seem to?

I don’t like this kind of feeling. I hate myself..The impact of the matter was complicated by the timing of the storms.

Thank you, my maid!

May 24, 2008

At first, I’m so scare to ask my new maid to iron my clothes. Sometime what to do, have to close 1 eye, because I’m so busy with my holidays. blek! (I’m so lazy to do all those thing). After a period, after observing her works, there is no problem. Thanks god!

Everyone know that having a good communication between two parties can create a harmonious friendly relationship. I have problem understanding her DEEP Bahasa Indo actually, maybe I need more time. Her bahasa Indo is so much different compared to previous one.

Anyway , she is a good maid, having a good maid is a blessing. Thank you, my maid~!


May 24, 2008

I love this article from STAR very much. Men today have to be good husbands and fathers all while looking like David Beckham.

Tao Japanese Buffet

May 23, 2008

I just took the buffet at Tao e-Gate Penang and ate until stomach fully loaded, alomost BURST.All the food to be ordered through menu and served by the waiters. You can repeat the order. Before you order, the waitress kept reminding us that every wastage of 100gram will be charged RM10.

I am crazy about Japanese food. I wonder why Japanese food has something so western. Tao All-you-can-it Japanese Buffet, it wasn’t that great for m3! We were greatly disappointed, because we had to wait at least 10 minutes before next dish came. We get a lesson, don’t go for buffet during weekend.I was impressed with the cute, young and friendly staff.

Sary Abalone

Motoyaki Scallop, cheesy and spicy.Thumbs up for this!

My friends ate them before I had the chance of taking the photo. eh,??haha. ok la, I am the one who can’t wait to eat la. I did not manage to get photos of all the dishes we ordered because some of them are so good, I forgot about taking photographs. We were just ordered, ordered and ordered.

Below is the picture of TAO at autocity. I took the photo when i passed by.

I hate driving (Part 2)

May 22, 2008

My first driving experience in KL was on 1st may 2006. It’s so unforgettable. That time I’m not good at side parking (parallel parking), or hillstarts, God I was crap at it but now I’m an expert. hehe, joking la. Daddy and mummy had their ‘cold-war’ for half a year because of the car matter. Dad not allowed me to drive in KL at young age, and that time I am just a new learner with no experience. My mummy encourage me to drive because my skin is getting darker that time. Haha~! First year driving at KL were like living on my nerves. Until now, I still scare to drive in KL. I hate blaring horns, crude hand gestures and aggressive motorcyclists. Drivers like to honk very much, they always honk at the second when the traffic light turns green. Hello~~! I can’t accelerate from 0 to 40mph in half a second so I’m sorry, you have to WAIT. I don like to yell inside my carbut my good friend sit beside me did, haha , I don’t like to honk people (my good friend always advise me try to honk when necessarily). If somebody cuts me off suddenly, I will stops here, but of course I will not slam on my brakes suddenly. Guys, please allow me to say something!Hey, driver : “You’re supposed to wave after I let you merge!!”. Oh ya, It’s funny because if you yell at other drivers but they can’t even hear you. What’s for?! Save my energy.. Some people will just stop the car in the middle of the road .Hey man, do you even realize what you’re doing? Time is money, everyone want to get from place A to place B in the least amount of time with the least amount of obstructions, k?!!

I only can drive in areas I know, but while I get to anywhere that I have not driven before I really panic, I will get nervous. Actually I just know how to drive to UTAR, bukit bintang area, 1U, Sunway area, SS2, UM and some PJ area only.

I do find driving alone a bit boring. I don’t like night driving. It’s horrible, terrible and vegetable with all those headlights coming to me. Especially when it’s raining, why are people so stupid in the rain? It’s like they forget how to drive. I just only drive because I have to go from A to B. Nowadays, there is a lot of car crime and vandalism, better be careful also.

mummy always say : Grow up; slow down.

We need to be caution all the time, have to pay attention to our driving and everyone around us. We can’t control how other people will be driving around us. So, how to avoid accident? Small bumps are expensive and annoying, serious one can kill some one .So, Pray more. You know why our ministers never have accidents. They have people to do the job for them. So, you also can stay at home and ask someone else to do things for you. Take bus can avoid accident too, if get in an accident, it will be a bus accident, not a car accident. I only love driving, when I know where I’m going, like go for shopping or movie. Hehe.

I hate driving (Part 1)

May 22, 2008

Driving in Penang is not fun, because I’m using manual gears, it is just frustrating. If I am getting a car in the future, I will definitely pick an auto car. Driving in KL is not fun, because there are a lot of bullshit drivers. I have innumerable stories about shitty drivers. (I don’t mean to be rude but..seriously they are pissed me off .)I will keep you updated. Driving in Bagan Ajam is not fun, the main reason is every 5 minutes, you have to stop at the traffic lights. Everytime you are ready to go on the green, you change gears, then drive for like 5 minutes, stop then repeat all over. I hate having to hit the brake too much. That is not fun for me. Driving in Sg Petani is not fun, because the drivers very selfish. Anyway, I prefer to drive at SP, because people drive slower and safer.

It’s true that having a car is in KL is more convenient but I need to say I officially don’t like driving.. Oh gosh, when driving in KL, I feel so insecure with my driving skill. I always have dreams of getting into a serious accident. If one day, I appear in the newspaper, don’t be shock. I seldom drive at penang, my friends are always offer to fetch me a ride…because of my unsafe driving skill? Its not that I’m an unsafe driver but I just don’t seem to have any confidence and my gut reaction is so weak. Anyway I always wish that somebody would drive me around!! As a passenger, I can just relax and free to admire the scenery. While drivers need to keep a watchful eye and pay full attentions on the road.

I got a ticket in an accident on December 2006 in KL

Don’t put your bag on the seat..

RM 200 ++ gone..Never leave anything on display.

This happened at wangsa maju on JAN 2008..

Lack experience on the road..

Daddy mummy don’t worry about me, I will drive slowly and carefully.

Safety is always the most important thing.

To driver : Be assertive, not aggressive nor passive.

To myself : Remain calm at every situation. gain more self confidence with my driving.

We are the same, wakaka.

May 21, 2008

I’have strong interest in the Thomas Cup but not in the Uber Cup. Ermm..Zhang Ning and Xie Xing Fang are my favorite female players. They are so tall and pretty.

Bao Chun Lai, Lin Dan and Fu Hai Feng are my favorite badminton players since I was in secondary school.

Do you know that all of them are left handed badminton players??





me too….hehe

at sg petani(X jakarta) on 16/5.

HAHA. We are the same..

My friends hate playing with or against left handed players. I also always clash my racket with them.

I write and use a spoon with my right hand. When I was small, I can write and draw with either hand. I play badminton, cut scissors, throw rubish and hold brush and do other things with my left hand.

Thomas Cup 2008

May 20, 2008

Firstly, respect to all badminton players and congratulation to all china players, third in a row from 2004, after edging South Korea 3-1 in the Thomas Cup Finals.

I was amazed by the final chapter match between the China team and the Korean Thomas Cup team. I was singing two different tones. Because of China we are not in the finals (we?), but I was shouting my lungs out supporting China that night. I also hope that Korean team can break the tradition of having only 3 countries win the Thomas Cup. Anyway, eventhough Korean players lost this time round, I am sure they will do better in another 2 more years. We got a great final show because of them, they keep fighting and doesn’t stop until the LAST point.

In mandarin, “chun” means spring and “lai” means arrive/come, so chunlai means the arrival of spring. Xiao bao bao played the 2nd singles and it was super exciting. *so geli*. For me, the best match on that night was : Bao Chun lai vs Lee Hyun Li. World number three singles, xiao bao bao is my most favorite player. *rolls eyes* He is so cute. He is getting mature and mature. He failed in 2002 but he proved it in 2004, 2006 and even in Thomas Cup 2008. The experience and mental focus of Bao Chunlai is great. I like his net play and attacking smashes. Way to go!

Mohd Zakry and Mohd Fairuzizuan are Malaysia’s Thomas Cup superstars, now I can remember their name. Although Malaysia disappointingly lost out to China in the semi final, this young doubles team proved Malaysia Boleh!

Jun Jae Sung and Lee Yong DaeLee Long Da in mandarin , I was like WOW!! They are damn good! Lee Yong Dae is going to be a strong shining star he can blind people’s eyes! Lee Yong Dae, ‘CAN WE MAKE FRIEND?’ He just can be my friend. because he is younger than me.:P

Malaysia is virtually confirmed to be the host for the 2010 Thomas Cup Final. Thomas and Uber Cup would be held in the same year, but in different countries and different dates. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is still negotiating with 2 countries to host the Uber Cup Final. The two powerhouses in the women’s event are China and South Korea.

Thomas cup 2010 Malaysia has hope?

Malaysia players should better prepare themselves. All the best to Malaysia~!

Thomas Cup which just ended, followed by Euro 2008 and then Beijing Olympics! Wow. I don’t like sport but I like watch to sport. I love sport men. Haha.